I got a new toy (hmm, tool)!!!

For almost 2 years, I have been wanting a table saw. Having one would mean I could cut large pieces of plywood and work on larger projects in general.

But do you know what table saws are? Dangerous? No. They are expensive. So I have been putting it off and off. 

Well one day when I woke up, some one did a ring and run on me. When I opened the door, there she was in the driveway. A new to me table saw. It was hardly used. 

A few hours later, the anonymous doorbell ditcher was discovered (thank you home security cameras). I thanked him/her profusely. They even took some time to review how to work it with me and told me if I had any questions, just let them know. 

There really is not enough words for me to express how appreciative I am.

Want to see a pic? Come on, I know you do. 

And yes that is 2 sheets of plywood propped next to it, just waiting to start the first project. Like a kid on Christmas morning. 

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